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Doug and Kathy Morrow Donations

Doug and Kathy Morrow Donations

Hi Everybody,

Years ago when The Uninvited was a struggling rock band on the road, you showed us your endless kindness and support. You came to our shows, bought our records, even opened your homes to us. You let us crash on your floors. You fed us, bought us drinks, helped carry our gear, literally making our life on the road possible. More importantly, you made us feel like a part of a community much larger than the band itself.

Today we are calling on that community once again. Longtime friends and fans of the band, Doug and Kathy Morrow, need help. Kathy and Doug have been married for over 20 years. Together, they have spread love, joy and happiness to everyone they come in contact with. In 2008 Kathy became seriously ill, resulting in endless hospital stays, treatments and surgeries. As you can imagine, the situation has taken quite a toll on their family.

As such, we are asking you to help out again. The show on March 31st, 2012 is FREE, but if you could chip in $5 or $10 for Doug and Kathy, we would be endlessly appreciative. Just click the “Donate” button below and enter any amount you can contribute. Also, being Steve’s birthday and all, the greatest present you could get him would be a little something for Doug and Kathy. Please feel free to leave any words of encouragement in the comments section below. Seriously, we need a little love here…

Thank you so much. You rock!!!!


  1. Wow, Doug & I are incredibly touched and humbled by such a loving
    gesture. Thank you so much for your never ending kindness Steve! (And the rest of you rock and roll icons!)

    To the fans & friends we have been fortunate enough to meet along the
    way…thank you also for being so good to us.

    Huge Love & appreciation,
    Doug & Kathy

  2. Thank you for this awesomeness!! Kathy and Doug are two incredibly special people who have blessed many along the way. Thank you, again, for this great tribute. And, Happy Birthday Steve! Keep sharing the love!

    Susan and Jake

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